• If you obey all the rules
    you miss all the fun.
    Katherine Hepburn (1907-2003)

  • People ought to listen more slowly!

    Jean Sparks Ducey (1915)

  • Le talent est un don que Dieu nous a fait
    en secret et que nous révélons
    sans le savoir.
    Montesquieu (1689-1755)

  • It is the choices you make
    that determine your success,
    far more than the talents you have.
    Joanne Rowling (1965)

  • More men fail through lack of purpose
    than lack of talent.
    Billy Sunday (1862-1935)

Professional Coaching obliges

Marjan Schneider works according to the NOBCO International Code of Ethics and the Noloc code of conduct.

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All about Marjan Schneider

Consultants have their own style. In working with Marjan Schneider,
initiator of All about Talent, you'll find AaT

  • Focuses on structural issues, rather than on incidents. The approach is practical and result oriented, rather than ‘quick and dirty'.

  • Conscientious, persistent and challenging: service levels are high. The end result is critical, but so is the journey to get there. The solution should not be a fix for an incident, but a sustainable way forward.

  • Designs solutions based on the conviction that human capital/talent only thrives in environments which trusts and values them by giving them personal attention.

  • Balances a positive approach with a sense of reality. Starting position is that people want to perform well. Recognise, however, that everyone has strengths and development areas, and that growth is best realized by focussing on the attainable.

    "Don't try to make the squirrel fly, but create a context to maximize its climbing capabilities".