Executive & Leadership coaching – VIP conversations

The VIP coaching conversations by All about Talent offer senior managers a sounding board, tranquility and space to test ideas and be inspired to develop and refine new ideas. If desired also: a mirror, support and neutral feedback on own leadership behaviour.

Organisation transitions require a lot from leaders

Many organisations and companies go through continuous transition processes which demand a lot from employees and managers. Line- and in particular HR directors, have an important role to play here. Naturally they aim to achieve the company targets, to support their colleagues and to guide their employees. To inspire them, enable them to grow in their profession, have them cooperate successfully etc. Furthermore that often also involves ‘building mutual confidence and trust’, whereas they are part in the larger whole and find themselves in the midst of the force fields. By no means an easy task.

The more senior the role you have...

Although the majority of managers have their internal network contacts well organized, many feel an increasing need to discuss their question marks, reluctances or ‘just – the state of affairs’ with a neutral  external professional. For ‘up-and-coming’ managers internal mentors are available in most cases. The more senior your role as lead manager, director or VP, the more difficult and vulnerable it gets to put your questions, doubts and uncertainties on the table.

Executive & Lead staff - Goals & Needs

In my practice I notice that leaders feel a need to regularly:

  • ‘Spar’ about possible approaches in order to reach their goals and discuss, review actual cases. Often this implies: reviewing their personal leadership in the current context.
  • Exchange thoughts about how they can create a inspiring, ‘go to work with a smile on your face’ working context that does optimal justice to all and where the available talent will be fully tapped. For and together with their team members, peers and internal clients.
  • Maintain their energy, positivity and persuasiveness, as they experience the working climate as an ‘energy-drain’ from time to time and foresee that the transition will take substantial time (Yes.. your sprints are okay, but at the same time you 're running a marathon..). 
  • ‘Putting the  house  technically in order’ is an important subject that also, inevitably, will be adressed in these conversations. However focus will be mostly on own leadership in relation to talentmanagement and personal development, your own and of others.

Our VIP conversations help you to..

  • Gather and sort out your ideas and thoughts and reflect on your experiences, away from the issues of the day. This way you will be able to set out the course (again) and decide on ‘next steps’.
  • Weigh different solutions in a safe, neutral environment and thus take on current and future challenges energetically.
  • ‘See’ your talents and strengths (again) besides knowledge and know how. Through this ‘talent refreshing & refuelling’ you can employ your strengths more consciously, which will make you perform more effectively. Improved performance leads to better results, leads to more satisfaction, leads to .. and so on!
  • Last but not least: reach your professional and personal goals in a pleasant manner.

How will this work for you?

Your priorities, cases and actual needs will be the departing point of our working sessions. So you decide on the agenda; I will be your sparring partner challenging and supporting you with appreciative inquiry, food for thought and 'building blocks’ which support your ‘themes’. Conversations/working sessions of 1.5 up to 2 hours usually work best to benefit the most from your precious time.

You decide how you want to start and which frequency suits you best. Some want a firm start, meeting with a monthly frequency and later on every five or six weeks. Others prefer meeting every six weeks from the start.

All about Talent offers blended coaching trajectories of five, six and seven Talent VIP sessions, with a maximum lead time of resp. six, seven or eight months. Given that planning is a challenge for senior management agenda’s, our cancellation conditions  are modest.

If you feel working with me will get you ahead, get in touch to further discuss your specific goals and needs and get information about further conditions.