• Work while you have the light.
    You are responsible for the talent
    that has been entrusted to you.
    Henri Frédéric Amiel

  • All of us do not have equal talents,
    but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.
    J.F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

  • Talent without discipline is like
    an octopus on roller skates.
    There's plenty of movement,
    but you never know if it's going
    forward, backwards, or sideways.
    H. Jackson Brown jr. (1940)

  • Each man has his own vocation;
    His Talent is his call.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

  • What would you attempt to do
    if you knew you would not fail?
    Robert Schuller (1926)

Services for HR & TM professionals

AaT offers peer reviews for senior HR/TM professionals who seek a sounding board which they cannot find in their organization or direct surroundings.


  • The HR/TM professional finds him/herself in a sandwich position between various internal stakeholders and wants an objective 'colleague' to speak with confidentially, 'risk free'.
  • Politics in the organization impede TM efforts and cause frustration and loss of commitment of high potentials and their line managers. How do you, the HR/TM professional, deal with such a challenge?
  • The quality of the HR/TM function leaves to be desired and needs to be improved. Where and how do you start?